Intel, El Corte Ingls and OMEN will continue to support the LVP LOL tournaments

As the days go by, we are getting closer to the start of the most important esports competitions at a national and international level and, if we look at our country, the main protagonist will be once again, League of Legends.

Here is the Professional Video Game League the one that takes the cake organizing the most important tournaments of the MOBA of Riot Games and for this new season they will once again have the support for of three of its most important partners in recent years.

They are about Intel, El Corte Ingls and OMEN, three brands that will once again give their support and that in all three cases they will be in the Superliga as partners while, in addition, El Corte Ingls will be the title sponsor of the Superliga Segunda and the Iberian Cup. It will be the fifth consecutive year that these three brands support these competitions.

“It is excellent news for the ecosystem that such solid bets as those of OMEN, Intel and El Corte Ingls continue to function and improve year after year. For LVP, it is also a satisfaction to have their support for in order to continue being the engine of the eSports scene in the country”, explains Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP.

The Super League will begin its 2023 season on January 16

The Super League will be the first major competition to launch in our country, kicking off the spring split on Monday, January 16, with certain changes in the calendar that we already told you about in Vandal, starting the playoffs on March 14 and disputing its grand finale on april 1st.


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