“It’s pay-to-lose”, Overwatch 2 fans criticize Widowmaker’s new skin

The second season of Overwatch 2 is running its course and a few days ago a patch arrived that introduced additional content and adjustments to the balance of the characters. Among the most interesting novelties we find skins inspired by Greek mythology. While they are welcome additions, some players argue that one of the suits provides a significant debuff to everyone who wears it.

Widowmaker, the beautiful and deadly sniper from Talon, has received a cool new skin based on Medusa. We see that her helmet is replaced by a nest of snakes, while her purple outfit is now a Grecian tunic. And of course, her signature purple skin tone is now green to match the mythological figure’s scaly skin.

It’s worth noting that the skin isn’t available in the Battle Pass, so players will have to spend 2,200 Overwatch Coins in the store to get it in a bundle. This brought its own series of criticisms, but now players are arguing that the suit is a pay-to-lose. What are they referring to?

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Overwatch 2 players criticize the new Widowmaker skin and accuse it of being pay-to-lose

According to popular streamer Kephrii, the Medusa-inspired Widowmaker skin makes a lot of noise when walking, so players wearing it can’t hear their opponent’s footsteps. Furthermore, he argues that head snakes make a sound that reveals the location.

“Medusa’s new suit is so loud that she actively punishes you for wearing it. Not only can’t you hear the enemy’s footsteps, you can’t hide either. The enemy team can hear the sounds of the snakes and pinpoint your location,” argued the content creator.

Many players agreed with those remarks, criticizing the new Widowmaker skin for punishing users who purchase and play it. Mind you, some are glad that at least the suit doesn’t provide some kind of competitive advantage.

On the other hand, fans explain that the streamer Kephrii exaggerates. Specifically, they argue that Overwatch 2 It is a very noisy game, so it is very difficult for players to identify an enemy Widowmaker by the sound generated by Medusa-like snakes.

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Either way, it remains to be seen if Blizzard takes note of these criticisms and tweaks the look in a future patch. Meanwhile, players can use the skin without spending a penny in the Battle for Olympus game mode, which features unique rules and empowered abilities for certain heroes.

But tell us, do you like the Widowmaker outfit? Do you think the community exaggerates? Let us read you in the comments.

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