LoL: The cinematic of Season 13 has not convinced the community

As the year rolls around, one of the most anticipated moments for League of Legends fans is the Season Opening cinematic. After the huge success of The Calleasily exceeding 100 million views and becoming one of the most viewed video game videos in history, the hype and demand on the part of the users was very high.

So much, that this year has been a complete disappointment. At the moment, this looks like it’s the official cinematic for this Season, but this video it has convinced practically no one in the community. With all the lore and story they could have put together after this new Season, Riot has somewhat distanced itself from champions and has focused on video in several of the ins and outs of Summoner’s Rift as a way of traveling.

The phrases recited are phrases of champions

If you didn’t like the kinematics at all, it has been even more disappointing that Riot has cplaced phrases of champions to that narrative that they have put in the background as the seconds of video ticked by. Also, as if this were not enough, the duration of this video barely exceeds two minutes, compared to last year which lasted almost twice as long.

For many users, especially those who follow the competitive one, it is a pity that with all the changes that they have introduced in the main leagues and tournaments, they have not done something innovative or that it followed to a certain extent the line in which The Call rose, both that some user thinks that “he had never felt so disappointed in his life.” It seems that the company is redoubling its resources in the new season of Arcane, but the truth is that a video that has had so much symbology in recent years has not been what was expected by the community.

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