Lotus loading screen

VALORANT officially presents the new map that will be included in the game next January 10. This time it will be called Lotus and will be released with the arrival of the Episode 6: Revelation.

Lotus will have three points to perform the plant of the spike together with the opportunity to get three ultimate orbs that are located at the entrances of these sites. The map, despite its large dimensions, gives the impression of being small because it is very closed and be composed of a central point that is accessed by corridors.

Lotus website
Lotus website

His aesthetic is based on a ancient city consumed by the elements of nature and, above all, it is characterized by water or having been submerged at some point. In addition, the figure of Astra (VALORANT character) on the statues and walls found within the map.

Lotus Minimap
Lotus Minimap

Undoubtedly, the most striking thing on the map has been the revolving doors. These tickets are a completely new mechanic that has been added to the game. As shown in the video, these doors allow characters to pass through from both sides while spinning, so it can make for very interesting plays or end in complete disaster.

One of the least liked features of these doors is the sound that is produced when operating them because it is too loud and it should be noted that it is indicated on the minimap which of them has been.

The strategies that will be followed in the competitive in this new field of play still remain to be seen, but it is clear that we will have new approaches both in attack and defense. Also, characters that perhaps had been left aside on more open maps will be given prominence.

Lotus will join Split in this new season and will leave the competitive map list bind Y breeze.

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