more issues with AMD Ryzen and performance similar to Windows 10

Windows 11 22H2 it seems to have fallen a bit short of being the brightest version of Microsoft’s operating system. Despite having included the occasional interesting feature, the bugs that lead to performance problems are causing many to see that the system isn’t running smoothly at all.

On one hand we have AMD Ryzen processor users who reported system hangs a while ago after applying the November Tuesday patch (KB5019980). A Reddit user named Thomsen48 has said that this problem is occurring in the Ryzen 5 4600GE processor implemented in Lenovo computers used by its customers, that he has not seen that Windows 11 21H2 is affected and that in case of failure, just need to disconnect and reconnect USB devices for the system to resume.

Another user called BabyMayCry has reported through the same social network that, on his Ryzen 5900X, the system freezes for periods of between 10 and 20 seconds. In this case it seems that the user has obtained certain data and files with error information.

Update KB5019980 for Windows 11 22H2 has fixed a Specter v2 vulnerability that affects AMD Ryzen processors. It is still not clear if that correction is what has caused the regression that leads to the system freeze in modern processors of the red giant, but whether or not that is the origin, it is still another dark page in the history of the system. , more in some Ryzen whose problems are beginning to recur.

And on the other hand, the questionable track record of Windows 11 22H2 makes the system continue to cast doubts about its performance, not only due to regressions, but also compared to Windows 10 22H2.

In PCWorld they have done some tests to compare the performance of both operating systems on a processor Intel Raptor Lake-S Core i9-13900K, and although the performance is similar overall levels, Windows 10 manages to outperform its successor on many occasionsand that is supposed to be that Windows 11 is presumably better prepared to work on the hybrid architecture that many Intel processors of the Alder Lake and Raptor Lake generations use.

From the tests carried out by PCWorld, “UL Procyon 2.1 Office 365 16.0” stands out, in which Windows 10 22H2 surpasses Windows 11 22H2 in the five applications of the well-known office suite; “UL Procyon 2.1 Photo Editing (Photoshop 23.5.1 and Lightroom Classic 11.5)”, which repeats the Office scenario; in addition to the games, among which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the only one in which a palpable difference is appreciated in favor of the latest generation operating system. Nevertheless, the real bottom line is that the gain is slim with the upgradeso users still have strong reasons to stick with Windows 10.

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