Pokemon coming to Fortnite? We explain what it is about

A trailer showing a crossover between Pokémon and Fortnite has gone viral on social networks like TikTok, but a search in different media confirms that it is a fan-made trailer.

In fact, this is a trailer made by a YouTuber known as FeraalsVFX, and although it is fake, it is quite convincing, making it seem that this crossover between Pokémon and Fortnite is real.

What might have some fans hooked is the fact that Ash’s journey is coming to an end in the Pokemon anime. At the end of January, the last Pokémon episodes of Ash will be released, and many fans are speculating about what will happen outside of some confirmed returns, such as those of Brock and Misty.

Some time later, the new Pokémon anime will start with a new character in Paldea, although many also speculate that this new protagonist is Ash’s daughter. It’s an emotional time for Pokemon fans no matter what, and that’s why it would be amazing to see Ash in Fortnite.

The trailer opens with Peely riding a dirt bike before seeing Ash and Pikachu. Ash launches Charizard, who uses a fireball to destroy a nearby truck; At first glance, the trailer is totally believable. However, on closer inspection, the difference in quality between Peely, Ash, Charizard, and perhaps especially Pikachu stands out.

It must be taken into account that the fact that this crossover Fortnite x Pokemon is not legitimate does not mean that it will never happen. One of the characteristics that defines Fortnite the most is its crossovers, since in the past it has done so with brands like Marvel and Star Wars, and Pokémon would undoubtedly be a worthwhile option.

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