The biggest change in LoL ranked for Season 13

In the next few hours the League of Legends Season 13. That time of the year has come when all MOBA players want to start a new stage in ranked queues. Yes, the ranked from LoL are here And it is time to, why not say it, try to improve with respect to past campaigns. However, this campaign will be somewhat different from past years.

It has finally been confirmed that now the players will receive more rewards for playing ranked matches. we will meet in front of some kind of battle pass for which there will be absolutely nothing to pay. With it, we can unlock different elements of the title, from champions to chests. This will allow us to follow a progression outside the range that we get in LoL.

The ranked of LoL will be divided into two splits

As revealed months ago and recently confirmed, we will meet two splits. The first one will start this same January 11starting with the placements that will take us to a much lower range compared to what we are used to. It will be in the middle of the year when Riot Games restarts the ranked of LOL and start the second half of the campaign, although in a less aggressive way than at the beginning of the season. Those who will benefit the most will be those who have played the most during this first divided of 2023.

Of course, from Riot they have confirmed that there will not be a preseason between the two splits. And it is that the changes that introduce will be less important than those that launch between seasons. With this, the style they use in VALORANT. In it shooterRiot Games has decided to implement several splits between episodes,

Finally, as they had anticipated, Riot confirms that it will not be necessary to reach Gold to obtain the rewards of the end of the season. However, if we do not reach this range, we will have to play a large number of games if we want to qualify for these gifts.

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