This clone of ‘Among Us’ has just surpassed the original game on Steam thanks to the fact that it is free and a member of BTS became interested in it

‘Among Us’ dominated the video game scene during 2020 thanks, in part, to the restrictions due to the pandemic, when we could barely leave the house to do the most essential thing possible. However, two years after that “boom”, ‘Goose Goose Duck’ (‘GGD’) has surpassed the maximum peak of players that the InnerSloth LLC title managed to reach ever.

It has been reported that ‘Goose Goose Duck’ has reached a maximum of 640 thousand players in the last 30 days, surpassing the 438 thousand that ‘Among Us’ managed to reap in August 2020, and all thanks to a member of BTS.

Kim Tae-hyungknown within the world of K-Pop as V, has been the main person responsible for this upturn since since November last year he began playing ‘GGD’ through Weverse. In the Asian region, this social network has gained strength since it focused on being a means of communication between fandoms from different K-Pop groups and the same bands.

As for ‘GGD’, this title is essentially the same as the InnerSloth title. But that hasn’t stopped him innovate in certain aspects from his gameplayin addition to introducing extra game modes and characters to the formula that catapulted ‘Among Us’.

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According to Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, he has shared on Twitter that this title has been around for a while now. very popular in china and korea area.

This social deduction game has gone viral for the past month and has just surpassed the stats of ‘Among Us’ on Steam. China and Korea have been key markets. According to the ‘China Games Streaming Tracker’, it was the #8 most watched PC on live streaming platforms in the last 2 weeks.

A powerful community

bts army

From experience we know that the “K-pop community” is quite powerful because in numbers they are many but in a matter of supporting their favorite artists and when uniting to achieve something, can be devastating. One only has to remember that occasion in which this sector began a boycott against a Donald Trump rally in Tulsa.

That time, of the 19,000 seats available for the “Trump supporters” meeting, it was reported that just over 6,000 were occupied. The reason? Young people, mostly K-Pop fans who organized, who bought seats for “leave alone” the then President of the United States.

If they decided to organize themselves to play ‘GGD’ all together, they would surely dethrone games like ‘Overwatch 2’, which registers 790,000 players per day. For now, They have defeated one of the most recognized titles of 2020during the first year of the pandemic.

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