Valorant and its 6.0 patch changes

Riot Valorant’s new first-person shooter update brings changes for one of the original maps Split, Split received big changes after it was removed from the Competitive and Unranked queues last episode. The map will make its official return on January 10 in Valorant’s 6.0 patch.

Changes include major and minor tweaks to sections of the map, which will change the way players must fight for control of the map and space. It also removed certain advantages defenders had in various areas, giving attackers More alternatives to zoom in on parts of the map. These adjustments will force attackers and defenders to adjust accordingly.

The new Split focuses on making the map feel more balanced for the players who have to attack.

On the other hand, Omen is affected by a small change, the controller will see his gameplay potential significantly reduced, after the changes to his Dark Cover smoke. When Dark Cover is placed inside a wall, it will now drop to the height of the nearby ground.

This means that it is no longer possible to place a one-way smoke screen at key bottlenecks, which typically involves placing the smoke over a wall or other structure.

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