Valorant: Leviathan’s Intense Grind

Find out what Leviathan’s day-to-day is like, a team that follows a rigorous routine to seek the best results in its competitions.

The new 2023 season is about to arrive and the teams seek to prepare in the best way to demonstrate their highest level both in the VCT Lock//In and in the Liga Internacional de Américas. Now through Twitter, Onur, Valorant Head Coach of the team of Argentine origin has commented on the routine they have with the players. Let’s see what it’s about.

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In esports, there has always been talk of the behavior that some cultures have regarding training and how seriously esports are taken depending on the region. With the passing of the years, more and more importance is given to the teams having a good routine with healthy habits and that is why the Leviathan roster is beginning to be rigorous in its day to day.

«A few days ago we started the bootcamp prior to Brazil. We are testing a comprehensive routine where we are accompanied by professionals in psychology, nutrition, mindfulness and physical training. The team is adapting very well,” Onur commented via Twitter and then specified the step by step: “We wake up at 8, have breakfast, go to the gym at 9, do meditation and activation at 10:30, theory until 1, lunch , activation prior to the 4 maps, break and session with a psychologist or nutritionist, dinner at 9 and ranked until 11:30 to guarantee 8 hours of sleep.

He also expressed that the routine has its rest days: It is from Monday to Friday with one day a week where soccer is played. For their part, they work part-time on Saturday and Sunday is the day off. Although they have been with this routine for a few days, Onur commented that they are “with more energy and concentrated for longer periods of time.”

Undoubtedly, these types of actions are a great step to help esports become more and more professional. What do you think, will Leviathan have great results? Leave your comment on our social networks (TwitterInstagram and TikTok).

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