Xbox would hold a special event soon where it could present more data about its upcoming video games

According to media reports, Xbox would hold an event under the name Developer Direct before the end of the month where it will present information about its upcoming video games. All the details here!


Like every closing or beginning of the year, the main companies in the gaming They present their projects to face the new calendar. Part of this we could live in December with The Game Awards 2022 but there was a great absentee who could hold his own event and, therefore, communicate several announcements: Xbox.

The famous console Microsoft He did not have space within the evening that he led Geoff Keighley in The Angels. But, according to the media windows centralThe team of Xbox would make the day January 25 near the 5:00 p.m. of Argentina a showcase what would be called Developer Directaccompanied by Bethesda Softworks.


From what you explain toilet through its sources, the main idea would be to be able to count on the presence of future titles that Xbox and its different associated studies has in mind to 2023. These would include video games such as redfall and the frantic shooter in the first person of Arkane Studios. But also, a new automotive experience would arrive in Forza Motorsport and news for Minecraft Legendswith the chance to see more ads, for example the jobs of ZeniMax Online Studios.

In addition, Xbox Developer Direct it would not be a large-scale celebration and would instead choose to do a small event. This would be available to the public on the channels of twitch Y Youtube of Xbox. The last time the console Microsoft organized a showcase it was in June 2022where they introduced Hollow Knight Silksong, Overwatch 2part of the content of Starfield the more ideas


In reference to the space video game that has Todd Howard in command, it is not clear if Starfield will be part of the hypothetical showcase. The delivery developed together with Bethesda is one of the main names that Xbox have in folder for 2023 and, without a doubt, it is one of the initiatives that generates the greatest expectation within the industry for wanting to offer you a universal exploration phase that has rarely been seen before. We will only have to wait for the official word of Microsoft to know if we will have Xbox Developer Direct before it’s over January. If confirmed, What do you think they could present as a “highlight”?

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