Giants and KitKat renew their collaboration during 2023

This week is loaded with good news for the Giants, ranging from introducing their new League of Legends team to announcing that they will continue to have the support for from one of its main sponsors.

Is about KitKatthe well-known Testl milk chocolate cookie bars that renew their commitment to the giants as an official global partner and reinforce their commitment to the world of electronic sports after a very fruitful 2022 for both brands.

Thanks to this agreement, KitKat will appear on the official Giants jersey, on their social networks, broadcast channels and the rest of the physical and digital media while both companies continue to work on different campaigns, formats and content to feed each other and grow their popularity, beginning this year with the video presentation of the Giants League of Legends team.

In the Giants family for the third year in a row

Carla de Sivatte, head of the Nestl chocolate business in Spain, points out that KITKAT, as an international brand, continues to bet on gaming. “We are happy to continue in the Giants family for the third year in a row. We want to support the team to come out as Super League champions again and we are confident in it. We know that the young people of this community enjoy the break every day, so we are going to guarantee it a year more”. “At KITKAT we live the passion of this industry and that is why we want to continue offering the best content”, she points out.

Pablo Canosa, Chief Commercial Officer (CRO) of Giants, points out: “Continuing to have the confidence of KITKAT is something that makes us proud, since it is synonymous with the fact that we are doing a good job, that the bond between our fans and KITKAT every time is bigger and that we can have our break moment when we need it”.


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