How will SoloQ and FlexQ work in Season 13?

With the start of the League of Legends Season 13all players are waiting to get down to business in ranked queues. everything will start from 06:00 a.m. (CET) and from that moment we will have to play the first ten placements. After them, League of Legends will place us in a range, always less than the one we finished the season former.

As you know, it’s been a while since Riot Games modified the rules of both the Only Q as well as ranked flex matches. Thus, those players who most elo have, they cannot play together with other users. This, of course, has been the subject of criticism in recent years. And here comes the big question: Has Riot Games changed anything regarding the DuoQ?

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This will be the Only Q and the FlexQ from LoL in Season 13

According to the image that they have shared from Riot Games, it seems that everything will stay the same. However, the developer has given a little help to those players who play in the lower ranks. Thus, all users who militate between Iron Y Silver they will be able to play together in individual ranked queues. Not only that, but those who are in Silver will also be able to play with the Prayed.

From there, everything works as usual, that is, they can duet with players who are one rank below and one rank above. All this until Diamond. Those players who are in this range, will be able to duet with others who are two divisions below or above, all without counting Master. Since Master until Grandmaster Y challengerthe duo will be completely banned.

As for the FlexQthe restrictions will arrive for all Master, Grandmaster Y challenger. To be able to play with users of these ranks we will have to be, at least, Platinum. Below that they will prevent us from enjoying these games and we will have to go to normal.

What do you think?

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