League of Legends would be working on new game modes and map skins

Published: 2023-01-10T10:03:03

Updated: 2023-01-10T10:03:05

League of Legends season 13 could bring us new game modes and new map aspects as confirmed by the Riot Games development team.

Throughout the more than 10 years of existence, League of Legends has seen different game modes. Some have stayed in the game like ARAM, others have stayed as a rotating mode like URF or One for All, and others disappeared forever as was the case with Domination and Twisted Treeline (we will always carry you in our hearts).

However, we haven’t always had multiplayer game modes. In 2018 we had the much-loved Odyssey: PvE Extraction mode and since then the community has been asking for a new game mode where we had to fight against the machine. But Riot had been giving his refusal citing a problem of lack of resources until now, where everything seems that it could change.

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League of Legends would have new game modes and map skins in the future

Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee, executive producer of League of Legends, has stated to Dexerto that there’s a new team within Riot focused on bringing more game modes to the MOBA, and that the mod drought will soon be over.

I know the community has been looking forward to and expressed a desire for new game modes.“, it began. “We’ve created a new team within the League of Legends development team focused on bringing back game modes that players love, like Nexus Blitz, as well as investigating opportunities to create new game modes.”.

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We don’t have anything to announce yet, but the team is together and they’re working on a few things that we’ll be happy to share with you when they’re ready.“.

He said the same about map skins, which is also on Riot’s agenda. But unfortunately, Lee has not given any further details about when they would arrive.

Riot Games

Summoner’s Rift used to change its appearance

In previous seasons when Christmas came around, Summoner’s Rift would fill up with snow or get spooky on Halloween. We saw something different in the Howling Abyss where the Butcher’s Bridge left us speechless after Gangplank’s death.

The article continues after the announcement.

By his words it will be some time before either of these two features come to fruition. However, the confirmation that there is a department focused on them gives hope that we will have new content soon.

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