“The metaverse has to be primarily social”

Kelly Vero is one of the most recognized metaverse experts in the world. Her more than 30 years of experience in the technology and video game industry have made her a great connoisseur of virtual reality trends, gamification, and her business opportunities.

Kelly Vero

We speak with her by videoconference, on her screen an NFT that she herself has created appears in the background.


For me the metaverse is a starting point rather than a final and encapsulated world in which we must live. It is a place from which to start, have a conversation and be able to learn about things in different portals, whether physical or digital. So for me the metaverse is not a bad place, for me it’s a very social place, it has to be mostly social. If it’s just you and me having a conversation in the metaverse it’s not much fun, but if a third person joins us, and we can all have a conversation, the metaverse is a much better place. Many people who have a negative view of the metaverse are probably criticizing it from a one-on-one perspective. They enter the metaverse alone and expect everything that happens in the metaverse to go after them. The thing is, the metaverse is a bit like when you used Facebook or Whatsapp, or any other social platform, for the first time: you have to get involved. You can’t stay in the band and just watch.

Every day new devices allow us to be more unique in the meta-verse, if you use virtual reality, for example, you can have a personal experience, and if you use augmented reality through your mobile you can also have a personal and limited experience, but sometimes I like to put myself in situations where there is a fluid conversation.

video game

Indeed, the metaverse began with multiplayer video games, because with games you have two things: aesthetics —you move in a beautiful environment— and you also have participation. The first metaverses were games like Second Life, The Sims, Minecraft or Avakin Life, which still works very well. So in these particular spaces we can recognize ourselves within these playful worlds and that makes everything much easier.

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