The Plague Doctor has returned to ‘Fortnite’ after almost three years away for… you know what

ANDste january 10 the store Fortnite He received a skin that we had not seen in his lockers for a long time. Of course, the average player can’t keep track of all the skins that have appeared in the game or when was the last time they saw it, because as many as they appear, it’s hard to even keep track of it. So this one would have gone unnoticed if it hadn’t been for the same account of Fortnite News who reported to us that the Plague Doctor had returned to the shop after 1080 days of absence That’s almost three years, why hadn’t he appeared in the game? Oh yeah… sure…

Why hadn’t the Plague Doctor appeared in Fortnite?

It is true that during the pandemic Covid video games had a resurgence even among sectors that were not used to gaming. The Nintendo Switch sold like hot cakes and PlayStation received the love of his public with his initiative play at homewhere they gave away games as long as people respected the quarantine.

But they also had to be more sensitive to the issue of disease. plague inc. recorded sales records and, faced with the responsibility that a massive public was trying to play that they were infecting the whole world, they decided to launch Plague Inc: The Cure to show his players that they could also play from the other side (though of course, this version wasn’t as popular as the original).

Rainbow Six Siege: Quarantine change his name to extraction because I thought “Quarantine” was not a title that would sell, and so on. In the same vein as why Fortnite I did not take out again (or take out again) Travis Scott in his shopthe Plague Doctor had been kept out for reasons Epic Games never clarified, but of course now that he’s back in the store we all understand:

how could you sell, with your hand on your waist, a skin related to one of the epidemics that decimated humanity in the midst of another of the epidemics that decimated humanity?

So now you can buy the set in the store of Fortnitebut due to store rotation, as it might be available for a couple of days (before Friday), it might also be available just for today.

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