The strange pick with which BeryL is enjoying the SoloQ

We are approaching the last days of Preseason 2023. Everything is ready for the start of the new Season 13 and, with it, a new escalation in the ladder from League of Legends. However, as we head into these final days, some players are testing certain champions that might find their way into the new campaign. And one of the clearest examples we have with Cho Geon-hee «BeryL«.

The support from DRX has always stood out for its strange choices within Summoner’s Rift. And yes, he does not care if it is a professional game than a mere Only Q. there we have that heimerdinger support which appeared repeatedly in the World Championship 2022. Good, so now he is doing something similar with a champion that we usually see in elo low but as we go up it appears much less.

BeryL bets on Brand support for your Only Q

as we can see in your historyBeryL has decided to bet on that Brand support to play their last games of this 2023 Preseason. So far he has played 10 games, five of them with victory and five with defeat. Of course, seeing this champion in the highest ranks of League of Legends is not something that common.

Normally, characters of this caliber appear in lower leagues since players barely know how to deal with their poke. Nevertheless, BeryL has decided to give it a try in Grandmastersomething to which perhaps we are not so accustomed.

Of course, seeing BeryL use this character makes us think that he could appear in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) for the start of the competition. A new champion that would appear in the hands of BeryL and that, like that Heimerdinger, could become a problem for the rest of the players.

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