The viral game that defeated Among Us, Goose Goose Duck, takes a heavy hit and shields itself against its attackers

With success sometimes also come those who seek to embitter the experience of many. Goose Goose Duck, the viral game that not only reproduced the Among Us formulabut that he recently managed to have more concurrent players than this, testifies to this “thanks” to his most recent cyberattacks.

We recently talked about how Goose Goose Duck had managed to surpass the number of players that Among Us had garnered on Steam, achieving a great milestone for the independent studio Gaggle Studios. Of course, with fame also come problems, and that is why the game is currently closed.

According to a statement Gaggle posted on Steam yesterday, the social deduction game he has been receiving cyberattacks for months. Since December at the earliest, the title has been besieged by those who wish it ill and, although the developers have been able to defend themselves against this, the last of the blows has managed to hurt the game.

“Our success has been incredible, and I want to say thank you again to all the players. We suffered a massive attack this morning, and as a result, we shut down our servers to perform maintenance and reinforcement tasks. None of your data has been compromised,” warns the indie studio.

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According to what they say, they have decided to get in touch with cybersecurity experts to help with the tasks of reinforcing and protecting the video game servers. Without wanting to give a lot of information about it so as not to contribute clues to the criminals, the intention is to shield against attacks.

At the moment, Goose Goose Duck is still offline and its creators estimate that it will be available to play for free again today at 11:00 p.m. (peninsular time). We do not know if, when he returns, he will have notable news or if all the changes will be hidden behind the curtain. Tonight, the geese are once again the protagonists.

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