LoL: The cinematic of Season 2023 greatly disappoints the community

During yesterday Riot Games published the opening cinematic for the new Season 2023 of League of Legends, something that is already a tradition for many years. The new anthemshared under the title of “The Threshold of Infinity”it is a video in collaboration with Mia Sinclair Jenness and 2WEI that, in reality (and according to the wishes of the community), it seems that has been far below expectations and the quality standard of past years.

What has happened? If you still haven’t seen the kinematics, here we leave it:

A kinematics that is not what was expected

As can be seen when seeing the cinematic itself shared in this same news, Riot Games has decided to present the 2023 Season of LoL with a “modest” and calmer video compared to what is usual. In this year’s cinematic, barely 2 minutes of duration, you can hear some inspiring words recited by a voice while the camera flies over the scenes of the mythical Summoner’s Rift. At the same time, some champion voices are heard in the background, but there is no action in itself; There are no characters on the screen nor large combats or narrative events that expand the lore of the game universe.

It should be noted that this year’s video is created in collaboration with the Illusorium studio, who have already collaborated in the past with Riot. If one walks through the comments of the video, it seems that the content of the same he has not finished pleasing to the gaming community. In just one day since its publication, there are already thousands of comments that accumulate about a general feeling of disappointmentboth on YouTube and on other networks (for example Twitter).


There are many repeat users adjectives like “boring” or “lazy”, and there are even some who believe that this is just a “teaser” and the true kinematics will arrive shortly. Given the criticisms that are emerging, it is clear that fans feel that this kinematics is not up to the task what is expected from Riot Games.

Most fans feel that this kinematics is not up to the task.

Perhaps they are not mistaken, since during the last years Riot has offered some of the most remembered and emblematic kinematics of the video game scene, with great technical and narrative quality. Without going any further, the cinematic of Season 2022 last year, titled “The call”enchanted the fans and today accumulates more than 140 million views in Youtube.

Something similar occurs with the kinematics “Warriors”of 2020, or “Awake”from 2019; both exceeded 100 million views and satisfied the community for their spectacularity and emotion; two important aspects that they miss each other in the video of “The threshold of infinity”.

The end result of this year’s cinematic is likely due to Riot Games is focusing its efforts in the second season of Arcane. of course this they are only conjectures. What do you think? Has the cinematic of 2023 convinced you?

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