MediaMarkt and Intel renew with LVP

The Challengers Spain: Risingthe official competition of VALORANT in Spain that organizes LVPrecount with MediaMarkt and Intel as main partners.

The competition got underway last Sunday and, after the first three days of the course, there are only two teams left that have been able to count their matches by victories: Rebels Gaming, champion in spring 2022; and a recently promoted as KPI Gaming. Team Queso, ZETA and Falcons are the persecutors and have accumulated two victories and one defeat. At the bottom of the standings, Ramboot and AYM Esports have yet to open their win chart.

The competition has changed its broadcast days habitual for adapt to the international calendar from VALORANT. Three days are broadcast every week in the LVP’s twitch channel, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, although the last days of the regular season will have special treatment. The title race in the form of playoffs will begin on March 1, while the face-to-face finalwhich will be held at the Municipal Theater of Torreviejawill take place on March 11.

No change to playoff format, the first two of the regular have the prize of direct access to the semifinals, while the third to sixth fight for the other two places in the semifinals. The quarterfinals are played as the best of three maps and the semifinals and the grand final are played as the best of five.

It is a pride that MediaMarkt and Intel are joining us for another year as the main partners of the Rising, a benchmark in Europe for its production values ​​and for the level of the teams that compete. The growth of the Rising cannot be explained without the support that MediaMarkt and Intel have given us since the day the competition started, and we are convinced that in 2023 we will continue taking steps forward.

Jordi Soler, LVP CEO

From MediaMarkt Iberia we want to continue betting on the world of esports and Gaming hand in hand with our colleagues from Intel. Our priority as a brand is to stay in the top of mind of our clients every time they have a technological need. It is a pride for us to be the 3rd most recognized brand in esports for fans and we want to thank them, supporting the community together with LVP and VALORANT for another year. We are sure that the 2nd edition of Valorant Rising will make all fans vibrate. In addition, in 2023 we want to go further and we will continue to bet on the MediaMarkt Challenge in our stores to continue bringing the digital world closer to the public and to the ecosystem in a physical environment.

Adrián Maldonado, esports Project Manager of MediaMarkt Iberia

After the success of the previous season, we are very excited to be part of the competition for another year. We are convinced that the technological leap of our new 13th generation Intel Core processors will allow MediaMarkt to make available to the community a wide range of products so that gamers have a gaming experience of the highest level.

Ignacio Jimenez, Intel Iberia Gaming Manager.

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