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Pokémon GO It has many secrets about the different creatures that appear in the wild. For example, years ago the players had to advance with the professor’s investigations in order to find the first Mew in the video game. Events like this are shared every year and now is the time for Kecleon.

The chameleon Pokémon has the ability to change color and camouflage itself on stage. In the Pokemon Journeys anime, they had to randomly bump into the lab to notice it was there.

After the Chespin Community Day, this elusive chameleon appeared in the video game. As Niantic details on the official blog, capturing it is quite a challenge for trainers around the world.

How to capture a Kecleon?

Kecleon only appears at PokéStops. It sounds simple, but we don’t mean that he appears randomly near a place frequented by players, but that you should look at the same disk as the Pokéstop.

As you spin the disk, you will notice something strange clinging to it. You will notice it by his characteristic stripe in the central part of his body, which he does not know how to camouflage very well. Touch it several times to make it detach so you can capture it.

Are you looking for your Kecleon, Trainers? We give you a clue: there is one hidden in this image!

How to capture a Kecleon?  (Photo: Niantic)

How to capture a Kecleon? (Photo: Niantic)

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