Riot Games corrects an Azir bug after years appearing in LoL

Despite the fact that League of Legends is one of the most popular competitive video games in the world, it suffers from one of the most typical and complicated problems to solve in a title. on-line: correct bugs assiduously.

It is especially difficult when Riot Games has to keep an eye on more than 160 champions, all with their unique abilities, item synergy, stats and mechanics, which each patch complicates the work of the players. rioters.

However, Riot updates their game every 2 weeks and in these versions they always try to fix common bugs in LoL, and one of them it will be fixed after years present in the Rift.

in the first patch notes 13.2 of League of Legends we have seen that Azir receives a correction regarding a bug with his R, and in the video above from Vandiril we can see what it is.

According to a comment from FrankTheBoxMonster from the Vandiril video, this bug occurs because the ultimate Azir’s missile counts as one missile per soldier, and since LoL missiles don’t collide when the casting champion dies, it did neither damage nor knockback.

To correct this Riot has had to change the entire hit box from Azir’s R and have it work differently, which is why it took them so long to find a way to fix it without killing the champion. As of 13.2, yes it will knockback and damage.

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