Roblox Anime Fighters: Active Codes in January 2023

They may not be as popular in our country as Minecraft, but Roblox is one of the biggest gaming platforms in the world. At the moment Roblox Corp. has launched the service on consoles Xbox, PC and mobile devices.

In Roblox we can play lots of titles (many of them totally free). And in other cases it is necessary to paysince they have official licenses or because the creator so stipulates.

One of the most popular is Anime Fighters Simulator, an adventure and fighting game that takes us to the main anime universes: Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, One Puch Man and many others.

Like other Roblox games, Anime Fighters also allows you to redeem codes to get 100% free rewards. Next we leave you with all codes active in January 2023.

All January 2023 Codes for Anime Fighters


In Anime Fighters we have different key elements to understand its gameplay. To begin we highlight the chips (tokens), and the yenwhich is basically the currency of the game.

should also be mentioned gifts (items), power-ups (grant abilities), boosts or additional rewards. All of them can be obtained by playing Anime Fighters or for real money.

However, we can also obtain these elements thanks to free codes. Just by entering them we can exchange them for all kinds of rewards.

anime fighters

Sulley (creator of Anime Fighters) offers codes for the game every month, and of course with the start of 2023 we already have all the active codes here that we can redeem. Be careful, some of them may expire soon.

Since a few days a new update for Anime Fighters is also available, which adds a new island (The Underworld), 12 new fighters, small changes for the demo and various fixes.

Do you know how to redeem codes in Anime Fighters? It’s as simple as click on the blue Twitter icon in the game menuenter the code and accept.

These are all Anime Fighters active codes in January 2023:

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator
  • BillionVisits: tokens and power-ups for free.
  • TheAbyss: tokens and power-ups for free.
  • Insane1Million: tokens and power-ups for free.
  • WorldAtWar: tokens and power-ups for free.
  • UpdateDelaySad: tokens and power-ups for free.
  • DungeonRefund3: free impulses.
  • SummerEvent2: free impulses.
  • DungeonRefund2: free impulses.
  • MiniUpdatePog: free boosters.
  • DungeonRefund: free impulses.
  • SummerEvent: free gifts.
  • SoulAcademy: free boosters.
  • thanks900k: free rewards.
  • Sub2Codenex: luck boost for 10 minutes.
  • Sub2Veyar: luck boost for 10 minutes.
  • BronzePiece_: power-ups and free gifts.
  • RealDaireb: power-ups and free gifts.
  • Toad Boi: luck boost for 10 minutes.
  • sulley1m: Increases luck and damage.
  • otrademark: divine fruit.
  • 1MilFaves: yen and free XP.

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We remind you once again that although these codes are active right now, maybe in a few hours or in the next few days they won’t be anymore. Please redeem them as soon as possible.

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