Rockstar announces the “Gun Van” for Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Games has revealed the “Gun Van” to Grand Theft Auto Onlinea transient vendor that players have to find that will feature a weekly rotating catalog of powerful weapons for sale.

Online titles, especially games as a service, continue to struggle to keep gamers connected day in and day out through continuous updates and new content. Some online games like Fortnite and Apex Legends do this by introducing new characters or skins, while others continue to evolve the world players find themselves in.

In loot-based games like Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Bungie introduced a mysterious merchant named Xur who only appeared on weekends. Although the character would sell a set of randomly rotating exotics, players would have to discover his location in the game world in a set number of locations.

While the quest for Xur has expanded over the seasons with new content offerings, including rotating sets of legendary gear in addition to exotics, Rockstar is now following Grand Theft Auto Online’s lead by offering a new weekly merchant. for players to find.

Via Twitter, Rockstar Games has announced the addition of the Gun Van to Grand Theft Auto Online. The Vapid Speedo offers players a weekly rotating inventory of powerful weapons, ammo, and armor for sale, though players will first need to find the ever-moving merchant within the massive Los Santos map.

To set itself apart from the more static Ammu-Nation locations, the Gun Van sells its wares at a discount with no rank requirements.

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