Shox assembles a roster with another French CS:GO legend

The scene goes from Brazilian Last Dance to French Last Dance with the same goal: major that will be played in your country. Richard «shox» Papillon confirmed that he will meet Edouard «smithzz» Dubourdeaux to form a roster with three more Frenchmen. The former Apeks player had offers from different teams on the scene, but he has decided to go it alone with the main objective of reaching the Paris Major. In addition, it is also already known which players will complete the squad, although they are not as well known, and experienced, as the previous two.

FalleN managed to gather a group of Brazilian avengers to form a Last Dance that he ended up achieving his goals. Imperial participated in the Major in Antwerp and in Rio de Janeiro, the main desire of the project. With the same idea, but without so much legend of CS:GORichard’s project was born «Shox» Papillon. The Frenchman has confirmed that he will join Edouard”⁠SmithZz⁠» Dubourdeaux and three Frenchmen without much experience. albeit talented. For those with a bad memory, SmithZz has been a player for VeryGames, Titan, LDLC, ENVY and G2 Esports. The Frenchman has several notable titles, but his big star is the Major that he won in Dream Hack Winter 2014 in an LDLC formed by the shox, kioShiMa, NBK-, and Happy.

Shox offers and their complete roster

Thus, two Major champions come together nine years after their great triumph with three other compatriots. Jeremy «⁠Kursy⁠« Gast, Ryan «⁠Neityu⁠« Aubry, Paul «⁠day0s⁠« Niel will be the companions of these two French legends. The first two, aged 21 and 17 respectively, already know what it’s like to compete in a team, something that day0s cannot boast of. Despite his 25 years, Paul is known for his passing through FACE IT and not by international teams.

At first here there was talk of a possible reunion of French legends for the next Major. The French scene was very convulsed and anything could happen, but in the end each one has gone their own way. However, it has been tried as shox has highlighted. The Frenchman who had the chance to get back together with NBK- and kennyS in addition to having an offer from LDLC. Despite the different possibilities, the Major champion has decided to go his way together with another former teammate that very few people remembered since he has not participated in a great team for five years.

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