TECHNOLOGY / The book “xTurbo and Awita, The Curse of End” by Youtuber xTurbo will be released on February 15

The book

Who is xTurbo and why is it giving so much to talk about?

The Youtuber and Streamer has been a hit again since he announced the date of his next book “xTurbo and Awita, The Curse of the End” with his best friend Awita, another Youtuber known on the networks.

This is the first time that the Youtuber has released such an ambitious project, and it will be launched on February 15.

But who is it and why are more and more people viewing its content?

xTurbo is a young youtuber who is giving a lot to talk about. Since he started he stands out for his extensive skill in Minecraft.

Some of its references are: Vegeta777, Willyrex, Auronplay etc…

Although he is now known for his entertaining videos and his extensive skill in the Minecraft video game, xTurbo’s beginnings go back to 2014, when he uploaded his first raw videos and with a rather lousy quality, in the case of xTurbo, his videos they were gaining more and more repercussion thanks to Youtube Shorts and Tiktok.

Her future projects are to open more than one Youtube channel and come out of anonymity by showing her face to the public.


xTurbo and Awita are two of the best Minecraft related content creators. Their adventures are followed by millions of boys and girls on their YouTube channels.

Now they bring us an unprecedented adventure, a hilarious book full of adventures.

Welcome to the land of Mine, a place full of extraordinary beings!

And two of those beings are the protagonists of this great adventure.

Turbo, the turquoise platypus with a hat. And Awita, his best friend, a being of water who was born so many years ago that he has stopped counting them.

Agua Calentita, Awita’s brother, has been kidnapped. To rescue him, Turbo and Awita must gather the seven divine hats, which give incredible powers to the wearer.

Will they be able to face Mine’s evil wizards, gather the hats and rescue poor Agua Calentita?

Find out in this magical and fun adventure set in Minecraft!

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