The FINAL OPENING of the LLA 2023 of League of Legends will be in Chile and Corsair returns with Rafamaik to the stories

Yesterday was the event for the start of the season of the ALL 2023we saw League of Legendssurprises, new faces and others recognized as Privateer Y rafamaik, who cast again for the LLA. In addition, we had the announcement that the Grand final Opening will be in Chile.

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We had exciting games between the Tukineta and the Grellneta, but the most surprising thing was the new LLA 2023. Nachittus, Lenore, Abdiel, MaguiSunshine, Jirall, Profe AndresX, Lau Agnolin are the on-camera talents for 2023, but there is also the return of Corsario and Rafamaik, two greats of the casting that will carry the action of each play with the best emotion. And good news for Chileans, since the Grand Opening final will be in Chile!

In addition to this, there will be a new format, no more best-of-one back-and-forth matches, this year will be best-of-three one-way matches, pitting all teams against all in a best-of-three series and where the top 6 of this phase will advance to Playoffs. Fans will be able to watch the league on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4pm (MX), 7pm (ARG-CL) Y 5 p.m. (CO-PE). The teams that will face each other are isurus, Estral Esports, Team Azé, Movistar R7, INFINITY, All Knights and the new The Kings Y Six Karma.

On January 24, the LLA Opening 2023 will begin with Day 1 and you can enjoy it from your home or from the Artz Pedregal Arena from Mexico City. So stay tuned, because the excitement and action of League of Legends for Latin Americans begins soon.

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