The most hated champion of Season 13 has a name: Kassadin

We’ve only been a couple of days League of Legends Season 13 and we are already realizing that there are champions who are in an unstoppable state. Zac is one of the clear examples of that type of characters and as the hours progress, the clearer it is becoming. However, there is a character that is really broken and that nobody wants to see in their games of high rating during this start of Season 13.

We talk about Kassadin. Yes, that champion whose early game should be one of the weakest in the game in favor of a late game where he should be unstoppable. Nevertheless, since the coming of the new Rod of Ages Added to the power that this champion already had, we now find ourselves facing a Kassadin that is completely unstoppable. So much so that his ban rate has risen above 50%.

Nobody wants to see Kassadin in high rating during this Season 13

The statistics portals make one thing clear to us: from Master nobody wants to see a Kassadin in their games. there we have that percentage of bans that stands at 51.9%. Numbers that last season were in the hands of Yuumi and of which right now only Kassadin can boast. If it is open, appears in 9.1% of total matches and wins 51.90% of them.

This makes it clear to us that Kassadin is one of the most powerful characters of this beginning of season League 13. We’ll see if for him patch 13.2 decide nerf this champion or, on the other hand, the Rod of Ages, that object that has returned to the Riot Games MOBA or, on the contrary, we continue to see it denied in most of the encounters.

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