Umeko J falls in love with her own cosplay of Jett from Valorant in Boudoir

The gaming community of Valorant he is amazed with the essence of each one of his champions and the arrival of a new agent always increases that fanaticism, but this time we will focus on one of the agents that is very popular, being the theme chosen for an amazing cosplay about Jett.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, the cosplayer community He is very fond of many of the agents of the videogame. According to what Lore de Valorant of Riot Games:Jett is a duelist agent representative of South Korea. Jett’s agile and evasive fighting style allows him to take big risks. In skirmishes, he circles the terrain, shredding enemies with spectacular speed.

This time we will take a look at an amazing cosplay from the video game. This characterization was made by the beautiful model Umeko Jbetter known as umekoj.0910who has shared some images on his official account of instagramwhere we can see it in a photoshoot of Boudoir.

In addition to the theme, the Valorant characters are becoming community favorites, which shows that some cosplayers are recreating them in amazing costumes. This is the case of Umeko J, a popular cosplayer, who has decided to give life to the female character of Jett, but from a more intimate perspective.

We can see how Umeko J reproduced this deadly lady in detail, wearing an incredible outfit to play the original agent of the video game, but with very appropriate lingerie for a night of charm. In addition to having the theme of the video game, it has also been possible to appreciate the striking silhouette of the model that becomes a perfect complement in all her characterizations.

The model also took the opportunity to show us her version closest to her virtual counterpart in the Valorant video game. From her outfit to her white wig she perfectly resembles Jett’s striking locks, with her chiseled makeup and dewy lipstick giving her that slightly bouncy look. Her outfit is on point, her suit is a perfect mosaic of blue, gray and black panels that make her look battle-ready and of course Jett’s signature knife that floats with the ability to control the air. air of her

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