A new Riot Games game is leaked, and it will be about one of the most beloved stories by lore fans – League of Legends

Just when the community was hottest against Riot Games due League of Legends, a new video game is leaked. The cinematic of the new season (to call it somehow) is not up to the expectations of the fans, and the little new content presented has not convinced the most veterans of the MOBA either.

Osevno, a League of Legends-focused Twitter account, just posted a screenshot of the age system of a supposed new video game from Riot Games. Specific, it would be a title belonging to the Riot Forge division, the game publishing initiative of independent studios that give away the League of Legends IP to create completable stories. It’s the same one from which the great RPG from Joe Madureira’s team ‘Ruined King’ came out, or from which ‘Song of Nunu’, from the Spanish studio Tequila Works, will come out.

The title would be none other than ‘Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story‘, and has a short description: “An action game where you play as Sylas and save Demacia.” In this way, it is confirmed that the title would deal with the story of Sylas, a revolutionary magician from the western area of ​​Runeterra who fights against a kingdom in which the use of these powers is a crime. It should be noted that Riot already confirmed a project on this Kingdom a few months ago, but we had no idea of ​​its setting and style until now.

There are also some additional details, such as that it will be for ages 12 and up, and that it features battles against both humans and non-humans. Although it seems that it would also be available for consoles in addition to PC, as it happened with the previous Riot Forge games, Perhaps the most interesting fact that we do not know yet is that of the study that will take charge of this new project.

Riot Forge has worked with Double Stallion, Choice Provisions, Airship Syndicate and Tequila Works, remaining to know the studios responsible for this game on Demacia. A project under development on the kingdom of shurimaabout which we have even less information.

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