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The players of League of Legends we have all the information we need on equipping our champions just a Google search away. The game of Riot Games It is so famous that there are many pages that specialize solely in offering us statistics so that we can make the best decisions. However, most of the community does not use these tools. The most common is to see how players choose items – and even champions – based solely on their own feelings. It is something normal and we will not be the ones to criticize it, but it can lead to very curious situations and one of them is happening right now.

The most powerful item in League of Legends that nobody uses

Of all the items introduced for Season 13, the most powerful by far has received the least attention. One might expect that, given the competitive drive the League of Legends community is expected to have, they would do everything possible to win. However, the object named Radiant Virtue has gone unnoticed since its introduction. It is designed exclusively for tank champions, based on accumulating resistances and health, although it is also ideal for those who want to help the team as much as possible.




Radiant Verture

400 HP

30 Armor


20 spd room

Divine light

Mythic Passive: +100 HP to each legendary item

Radiant Virtue
  • Divine light: When you cast your ultimate, you transcend. This state increases your maximum health by 10% for 9 seconds. In addition, both you and allies up to 1,200 units away gain 20% Ability Speed ​​(does not apply to ultimate) and you heal for 2% of maximum health every 3s, increasing up to 100% depending on the life that the champion lacks.

The stats collected over the past few patches show a clear trend: almost all resistance-based champions are better when equipped with this item. We have verified this, both with data from patch 12.23 and from 13.1 (to have the largest possible volume of data) in the cases of Amumu, Zac, Maokai, Ornn, Shen or Sejuani and many other characters that we are not going to mention for not making the list eternal. The problem we want to reach is that, despite the situation, only appears in 0.9% of all League of Legends games played. The rest of the options for tanks are much more popular: Ice Gauntlet (1.7%) Steel heart (4.5%) and Jak’Sho (6%).

Top laners or junglers running tanky champions are basically ignoring Radiant Virtue. In fact, Riot Games suspects that this item will be very strong in the professional game, where players focus more – although not always – on choosing the most powerful elements in the game and the developer herself has her theory about why the item in question is not widely used. This leads us directly to basics of game design and the way players think.

amumu lol

Amumu will be happier if you buy Radiant Virtue!

The most difficult object to understand in all of League of Legends

The situation of this item is not new and not even unique in League of Legends. It has been applied to both champions and other items. A clear example is that of the Trinity Force. This item, one of the most emblematic of League of Legends, was almost completely ignored until the final stretch of last season despite being the best for an entire category of champions. What was his problem? so what its effects were not evident in the course of the game. Its main competitor, the Divine Ripper, offered a hit with increased damage based on the champion’s max health and a heal that was immediately visible on our health bar.

It was a marketing failure. Players chose Divine Ripper over “Trinity” because they understood its effects and they were more flashy. Going back to the beginning, it was a matter of how powerful they perceived themselves in the game rather than how useful the item was. We had to wait until the pros caught on for the popularity ratings to reverse a bit, and even then the less conspicuous item didn’t get generalized over the other. Even in a game as competitive as League of Legends, the community does not necessarily want to use the best, if not the most fun.

“Due to Radiant Virtue’s design, it can be difficult for players to perceive its effect in-game. Periodic AoE effects can be difficult to track over the course of a match, especially when applied to allies. The problem is very hard to fix, but maybe we can make some changes to make the item a little more satisfying without drastically changing it.”

Jak Sho Lol Vfx

This happens on our screen when Jak’Sho’s passive is complete

The Jak’Sho fills our screen with purple effects and drains life from enemies, the Heart of Steel allows us to deliver a beastly blow that increases our maximum health for the rest of the game and the Ice Gauntlet generates a slowdown area. Meanwhile, when you ult and have Radiant Virtue you only know things happen because it puts it in the object description. As if these evils were not enough, the item’s own explanation can be somewhat confusing and difficult to understand for many players.

The players move by sensations and not so much by realities. Of course, the developers of League of Legends do not consider it something negative and try to work on it. In the end, and using the most obvious example, it is useless for Yuumi to be perfectly balanced in terms of win rate (it was only a problem for the professionals) if the players are going to get angry every time they have to face her due to to your design.

It doesn’t seem like League of Legends is going through its prime, but big news about the future of the game is coming soon. At least the initial disappointment this season 13 will lead to big announcements and explanations from Riot Games.

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