Changes to VALORANT’s elo arrive and alarms go off

With the new year, we are seeing different changes in multiple competitive games. In League of Legends we have already experienced some updates with the Preseason 2023. And now it’s time to apply all the changes regarding VALORANT. First, we will experience the launch of a new map which will come under the name of Lotus.

But it is not the big change that was announced moments ago. As revealed hours ago and later ratified Lembothere will be a big update regarding the elo of shooter. Yes, we will experience changes in the rank system of the ranked queue of VALORANT again. And for the moment it seems that they have not convinced a large part of the community, since a priori the duelists will simply benefit.

These are the main changes that will come to the elo from VALORANT

As they have revealed, from now on both victories and defeats will influence much more. This will take precedence over the difference in rounds with which we beat our rivals or vice versa. Not only that, but from now on, if the MMR of our account is higher than the range in question, the individual performance of the player will be counted much more. This implies that they will take as a reference both the murders and the deaths of the player to give or remove more points.

With all this, Riot Games will try to simplify the rank system much more. However, complaints come in relation to the fact that this new system will benefit duelists more. The community believes that this will not affect anything since it will simply serve to calm those “more egocentric” players. Thus, many think that people will stop playing as a team to get all the kills possible and get the best KDA in the game.

What is your opinion?

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