Confirmed Rosters and Teams for the LLA 2023 of League of Legends


All the teams have already confirmed the players that will be part of their lineups during the first Split of 2023 and we review them here.

Confirmed Rosters and Teams for the LLA 2023 of League of Legends
Confirmed Rosters and Teams for the LLA 2023 of League of Legends

A new competitive season is about to begin in League of Legends, and with Riot Games’ announcements about the new format of Worlds 2023it is also time to discover the teams that will seek to win the LLA and be the representative of Latin America.

This first split of 2023 of the LLA will be made up of All Knights, Estral Esports, INFINITY, Isurus, Movistar R7, Six Karma, Team Aze and The Kings. New for 2022 are Six Karma, who bought XTen’s slot, and The Kings, who earned a place after eliminating Globant in the Promotion-Relegation.

All organizations have made changes to their rosters and this is what they will look like at the start of the season:


• Top: Zhothve
• Jungle: Chieftain
• Mid: Leza
• ADC: Viciun
• Support: Minit
• Coach: Karam


• Top: Access
• Jungle: Josedeodo
• Mid: Takeover
• ADC: SamD
• Support: Shadow
• Coach: Yang


• Top: Zerito
• Jungle: SolidSnake
• Mid: No
• ADC: 5kid
• Support: Ackermann
• Coach: Dye


• Top: Bread
• Jungle: Grell
• Mid: Kaze
• ADC: Gavotto
• Support: Jelly
• Coach: Ukkyr


• Top: Bong
• Jungle: Oddie
• Mid: Mireu
• Support: Lyonz
• Coach: Khynm


• Top: Meaning
• Jungle: OnFleek
• Mid: Cody
• ADC: Snaker
• Support: Shu Hari
• Coach: Yeti


• Top: Parang
• Jungle: Dimitry
• Mid: Alone
• ADC: Focus
• Support: IgnaVilu1
• Coach: Gafone


• Top: Buggax
• Jungle: Mataz
• Mid: TopLop
• ADC: Lyg
• Support: Leatherback
• Coach: Skin

When does the LLA 2023 start?

The LLA 2023 Opening Split will begin on January 23, 2023.

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