Event premiere and participants

Minecraft Extreme premiere participants

New year ready for new great video game series in twitch and YouTube, we are off to a new season with Minecraft Extremeof Auronplay. A series of the toughest that the title already indicates something to us. It will unite several streamers on a Minecraft map in which the objective will be as simple as not dying. Of course, with many more rules.

This series would arrive next week, the Tuesday, January 17, still without confirming exact time. We can also wait in the afternoon for any of the participants or Auron to be the one to speak to give the starting signal.

Among the most important rules to highlight are the three lives that all participants have. When they end those lives they lose and are banned from the server. Of course, in the three weeks, at most, there will be events by the administrators to cause confrontations and difficulties. And the PvP will always be active, and the destruction of houses and theft of objects will be allowed. And among other rules:

  • They will not be able to revive in any way.
  • When you die, a tomb will appear with all your items that can be stolen.
  • The administration will do things so that the participants lose lives as the days go by.
  • The PvP will be active at any time, although it cannot be abused by those who know how to play less.
  • You can not enter at any time without issuing.
  • Chests of other players can be stolen and their houses can also be destroyed.
  • It is necessary to enter at least once in a 48 hour period, except during ESLAND.
  • On the contrary, there is no limit of hours to play, but the more you play, the more that player will be hurt.
  • Houses cannot be accessed using illegal methods.
  • Groups of a maximum of four people are allowed, but gangs of thugs, insults, and teams of experts are not accepted.
  • Four turrets per house are allowed.
  • The use of shaders is mandatory.
  • There are no immortality totems.
  • Mines and any type of explosives will be deactivated.
  • Only voice chat can be used and not Discord.

All participants:

  • 8cho
  • aleiv
  • arigameplays
  • aroyitt
  • AuronPlay
  • Axozer
  • bijin
  • Breifr9
  • Carol
  • cristinini
  • From d
  • Deqiuv
  • DessT3
  • edurne
  • elisawaves
  • ElMariana
  • elperita
  • Focus
  • Folagor
  • Genesis
  • Goes
  • HitBoxKing
  • Ibai
  • magnetized
  • jackie
  • jcorko
  • jokki
  • josechrist
  • Joseph
  • JuanSGuarnizo
  • Kajal
  • Karchez
  • Komanche
  • luh
  • Markilokuras
  • mayichi
  • missandie
  • MissaSinfonia
  • Mixwell
  • Nexxuz
  • girl
  • nilojeda
  • Noni
  • OllieGamerz
  • Duck
  • perxite
  • Polispol
  • quackity
  • reborn
  • Ricoy
  • rioboo
  • robleis
  • roier
  • Rubius
  • Shadowune
  • Spreen
  • Tanizen
  • TheGrefg
  • Vicens
  • Violet
  • Viruzz
  • volcano
  • Zorman

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