Everything ready for the start of the Master Flow 2023 League

After the celebration of season kickoff, the competitive season 2023 of League of Legends kicks off both in the big regional leagues and on the national circuits. On this occasion we must place ourselves in Latin America since, according to the Professional Video Game League (LVP), the Argentinian LoL competition is very soon to begin. On January 19, the new season of the Master Flow League with important new features compared to the previous edition.

First of all, as in all season starts, when it comes to watching the teams contending for the title it is impossible not to stop at the new faces and some old acquaintances. On the one hand the Master Flow League will have the return of the former champion Globant Emerald Team (GET), that after passing through the LL, return to the league to compete with a hunger for glory. In the same way, in this new edition will participate Primate Y Newell’s Esports who got promoted after winning the Promotion/Relegation of 2022.

But the teams that are already beginning to finalize details for the start are not the only changes in this new season in the Argentine top division of LOL. This edition of Opening will have a special seasoning since having recently announced the Regional Leagues (the new Tier 2 in Latin America), according to a statement from LVP, the champion of Opening 2023 will have a guaranteed place to compete in the new Regional League South which will begin in the month of May and will bring together the best of the National Leagues from Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Master Flow League format and teams

The Master Flow League This year it will be made up of 11 teams, in addition to the aforementioned GET, Primate Y Newell’s we must add the squares of Undead BK, River Plate Gaming, Boca Juniors Gaming, EBRO, Macro Pampas, Maycam Evolve, WAP Esports Y Malvinas Gaming. On the other hand, it should also be noted that the current champion, Leviatán, will not participate in this edition of the Master Flow League since they decided to move to the Mexican competition, so the dragons They will look for the title in the Honor Division of LVP.

Regarding the Opening format, it will take place in two stages: League Phase or Regular Season and Playoffs. In the first instance, 11 days will be played with 5 games each. At the end, the first 6 teams in the table will qualify for the phase of playoffs, where they will compete in the last instances for the precious trophy and classification to the Regional League South.


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