Faker and his opinion on the SoloQ problem in 2023

There are opinions that are always taken into account, especially if they are said by someone of the caliber of Lee Sang-hyeok «Faker«. After all, we are talking about best player in the history of League of Legends. Any opinion that midlaner Korean say always ends up going around the world. Everyone listens to what Faker says no matter what everyone else says.

With Season 13 of League of Legends already underway, it is time to put on the table the first impressions of what Riot Games offers us. For Faker it is not the beginning of season dreamed of and has made it known to the rest of the community. So, in one of his streaming harshly criticized the state of the Only Q and believes that there are changes that should be implemented sooner rather than later.

Faker gets tired of the state of the Only Q in this beginning of Season 13

What the Korean star is clear about is that there is a serious issue when it comes to durability and MMR. According to Faker, there are several problems with this MMR that makes it the pairings are not being carried out correctly. Thus, we find players of much lower ranks who should not be in games of a elo concrete.

Besides, claims that the early game of the games is practically crucial when it comes to winning or losing. If you start from behind, it is very difficult to come back from a match, even with the objective rewards. Not only that, but both gold and turret durability they are not balanced as they should. «Other seasons have started much better“He revealed live.

Faker has been competing in League of Legends for many years and the Only Q it doesn’t surprise you. So seeing him share these kinds of thoughts makes us rethink whether Riot Games should actually do something about their ranked queues before it’s too late. Season 13 It has just started and they are in time to solve any error that is present in the video game.

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