Faker criticizes the soloQ in 2023: “There are MMR and durability problems”

The King has spoken, or at least, the Demon King. Faker He’s one of the biggest League of Legends personalities in the world, and when he decides to talk about any topic, he makes himself relevant.

Perhaps it is because of his career, because he is the player with the most participations and victories in some Worlds or because he is the best in history, but when the T1 star gives his opinion, the others listen.

Faker: in Q1 until 2025

The LoL season 2023 has started and stops Faker It is not being the best, far from it. In fact, has criticized the state of the soloQ in a streaming and he has been very concise with what he thinks about the gameplay.

In a post by Reddit have summarized what Faker has said about the soloQ, as well as in a Twitter thread made by sachet. The South Korean has focused on MMR and durability, key to soloQ issues for him.

  • After a series of losses in soloQ, Faker has decided to give his opinion on the matter
  • You think there’s a serious problem with the MMR system and it’s not working right
    • That is to say, that there are erroneous pairings and they do not come out lobbies correct
  • Also, do you think there is a serious problem with the snowball in the early games
    • When a team loses the first few minutes, it is very difficult for them to come back in soloQ
  • He has also commented that gold from turrets and durability they are wrong, at least in soloQ
  • Believe that the onlyQ it’s not fun these days and that other seasons have started much better
  • Furthermore, it is compelling: even if you mess it up lategameIt is difficult to lose a game that you have on track
  • In his opinion, the gold of the towers polarizes the game a lot, since the first to win the gold have done it.

And what do you think? It is clear that Faker has a long history in LoL and has been max soloQ level in ALL seasons of the gameso your opinion weighs more than that of others.

Be that as it may, he goal It has to stabilize and the players have to find their way to compete in soloQ in 2023, so, anyway, in a few weeks the opinion of good Faker changes.

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