FREE Steam game that is an Among Us with geese and ducks, reaches PEAK of 702 thousand simultaneous players on the Valve platform

As happens from time to time in the industry, a new video game has started to go viral, gaining incredible popularity among the community. This is Goose Goose Duck, which we could describe as a copy of the popular title Among Us, but which has geese (or ducks, if you’re a saboteur) as protagonists.

Game for PC and mobile devices that is completely free and that despite having been released in 2021, it has begun to generate a huge fan community on Steam, which is partly thanks to the fact that it is being played by several streamers from different platforms. of live broadcasts.

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According to the latest data from SteamDB, the game has reached an incredible peak of 702,845 concurrent players and when I mean peak it is peak, not goose or duck (laughs).

Numbers that have also led Goose Goose Duck to enter the top 10 most played titles on the Valve platform according to SteamDB, being in eighth place above Apex Legends and Valheim, at the time of writing this note.

So if you did not know it, this means that it is a good time to start playing it since there are a large number of users, it ensures that you can find games quickly in a game that is apparently quite entertaining.

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