“I have Evening 3 closed at 90%”, launches the possible announcement date

The Year 3 Evening of Ibai is getting closer. The year has only just begun, but what could be one of the great events of the year is not only taking shape, but it is almost ready to be announced shortly.

This was confirmed by the streamer himself recently in one of his direct shows, assuring that he has practically everything closed in the absence of some fringes. Last Tuesday, in fact, he assured that it was a particularly productive day for Evening 3, anticipating much of what was yet to close.

«I would tell you that it is 80% complete, today has been a very productive day […] Or even 90%. There are a couple of details left at most, but it is very closed«Ibai commented last Tuesday, before preparing for Auronplay’s new Minecraft Extreme series that will bring together some 70 streamers next week.

But people want sauce, they want details. and playing with the possible matches of Evening 3 among which people are dying to see a rematch between AriGameplays and Paracetamor, or see DjMaRiiO, Telmo, Perxitaa, or some bombshell like Omar Montes in actionafter numerous requests or their participation in social networks responding to Ibai.

But about it, we will have to be patient. “EITHERs going to like it very much, I don’t want to give hype about the fighting […] wait and hope you enjoy it“Ibai commented. And when will be that? Well, maintaining the scheme of last year, a priori there would only be a few weeks left: «I would like to announce in February the Party of the Year 3. last year was February 20 not? I would like to repeat that date or even a little earlier. If it’s 10, better than better«.

All with a view to generating hype and spectacle, but above all for the boxers themselves, and that they can already create training content without having to hide anything, given the commotion that seeing one of the possible participants boxing in a gym can cause. before confirming anything.

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