Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon GO cross their worlds in this new free game

can you imagine a free Kingdom Hearts game with the gameplay of Pokémon GO? Well, it’s already a reality. Although it was announced a few months ago, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link has recently entered a state of closed beta in Japanese territory. For this reason, consequently, we have received new details of the game that will surely attract your attention, among them, that its gameplay will incorporate the main functions that Pokémon GO enjoys.

As officially shared by Square Enix in Japan:

Kingdom Hearts Pokémon GO free game

In Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link There are two ways to control your player: the GPS mode and the command mode.

In it GPS mode, your character moves as you do in the real world. You may gain energy, engage in battles, and enter a hands-free mode where confrontations are automatic. Meanwhile, in the command mode, your character moves using a touch controller available on your screen. This mode consumes the energy you gain in the GPS modewhich is necessary for engage in combat and obtain treasure chests that you can find around the world.

If you want take a look at the trailer of the gameyou can do it below:

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link It will arrive throughout this year on mobile devices for free. If you like the series and can’t wait to play Kingdom Hearts IV, we highly recommend you give it a good look, because the thing promises!

Font: Official Japanese Kingdom Hearts account

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