League of Legends patch buffs Rammus as win rate plummets

Riot Games says it has implemented a small League of Legends patch with big Rammus buffs to address the tank’s noticeable drop in win rate following the nerfs in the LoL 13.1 patch notes. The changes are set to put him in a potentially stronger position than before the previous update, and Riot says it thinks the changes are “healthier in the long run.” The micropatch for the MOBA game also includes a bug fix for Seraph’s Embrace.

League of Legends Lead Balance Designer Matt ‘Phroxzon’ Leung-Harrison explains that Rammus’ win rate has dropped by 9% since nerfs were introduced to him and some of his favorite items and runes. in the latest rounds of patches. In particular, the changes to how Jak’Sho stacks are applied have had a bigger impact on Rammus than anticipated. As such, he now sees improvements to his base health, attack damage, and armor, along with the flat armor on his W, Defensive Curl.

League of Legends Spideraxe wiki editor reports Note that the Rammus improvements introduced in the January 13 micropatch are as follows:

  • Base health increased from 614 to 675.
  • Base AD increased from 53 to 55.
  • Base armor increased from 36 to 40.
  • W flat armor increased from 25 to 35.

Leung-Harrison says that Rammus’ new status should “be healthier for him in the long run, as he doesn’t go infinite with the big AR/MR stuff we add.” Besides, he notes the legendary item Seraph’s Embrace had a bug that caused its shield to activate when players took 30% HP as damage, instead of the intended effect of it being applied when the damage would drop the champion below 30% HP maximum health.

Spideraxe notes that two other fixes are included in the micropatch: a fix for Ornn mistakenly getting much more stats from his passive than intended, and a fix for Fimbulwinter not getting the HP buff that was applied to Winter’s Approach.

Meanwhile, League of Legends game analyst Ray ‘RayYonggi’ Williams reports that the team has implemented a bugfix pass for Annie ahead of the potential buffs in 13.2, which is expected to increase her mana regen and AP scaling for both her E, Molten Shield, and her ult, Summon: Tibbers.

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