LoL: Rammus win rate plummets in patch 13.1

Rammus was aiming to be one of the strongest picks of the season, but the nerfs in the first patch left him in a hole.

Patch 13.1 brought the first changes of the year with the start of the League of Legends season, and while many expected the preseason metagame to stick, things have been different. One of the most affected champions is rammus which lost its power, falling to the bottom as far as win rate is concerned.

Preseason saw a lot of jungle changes, and with the latest patch in 2022, we saw Rammus become the best pick for the role. But, in the new update, the nerfs left him far behind, being dethroned by Maokai, who is the new star pick for junglers.

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With the arrival of League of Legends patch 13.1, Rammus’ win rate completely plummeted, making him one of the worst picks he currently is. His win rate went from 54.2% to 43.81%, so the developer will add a micropatch to rescue Armadurillo from his bad moment.

Designer Tim “Truexy” Jiang in a reddit thread responded to a user pointing out Rammus’ win rate drop, clarifying that a small update is coming to help him out. “They will be a micropatch to add compensatory improvements to it. As noted elsewhere, Jak’Sho stacks differently with him now and we got over the impact he would have,” he detailed.

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For patch 13.1, base stats have been reduced, as well as flat armor and the percentage of it that gives you Defensive Stance (W). Added to the changes you received Jak’Sho, the Proteinanwhich was its main assembly object, caused the current situation of the Armadurillo.

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