New League of Legends spin off leaked: Mageseeker will tell the story of Sylas

League of Legends It has grown over the years. The MOBA has mechanically evolved with new champions, but his own universe has also been expanded with various products.

More and more players are interested in runeterra and the lives and powers of the characters they wield on Summoner’s Rift. Riot Games has begun to work in this facet with such outstanding and well-achieved works as Arcanethe Netflix animated series.

However, the fist company has dared to do something else. Riot Forge arose as a great opportunity to exploit the League of Legends universe within the video game. Together with more humble developers, the American company is creating spin offs of all kinds.

New League of Legends game on the way

Under the subtitle of A League of Legends Story we’ve had a turn-based RPG, Ruined King, and also a really addictive rhythm title, Hextech Mayhem. Also, Song of Nunu (from the Spanish Tequila Works) and CONVERGENCE they are on their way.

And to the delight of the most ardent fans of League, it seems that we have another spin off in the oven. Mageseeker is the name of the project that has been leaked (via Gematsu) by being classified in South Korea. We barely know anything about this game, except for one thing.

Mageseeker would be starring Sylas. It would be a action game where the wizard saves Demacia. The information mentions that the title would come to PC. We do not know if to consoles too.

There is still much to know about Mageseeker: A League of Legends Storybut the truth is that the game could tell a very interesting and recurring story in the Runeterra universe.

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Demacia, one of the kingdoms that make up the League of Legends universe, is inspired by a medieval model where magic has no place.

The wizards are persecuted, but everything changes when Lux (noble with hidden magical powers) interferes for Sylas, who will seek to free Demacia from what he considers unfair.

The truth is that this revelation arises in a rather curious framework for League of Legends. The 2023 season has just begun and criticism of Riot Games has not stopped being heard, precisely because there are no cinematics.

In addition, this week we have been able to learn that the success of Arcane will have a major impact on the lore of League of Legends, since Riot Games is reconsidering its representation.

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