Ornn’s bug that made him the best toplaner of patch 13.1

For days we have seen how Ornn has been crowned as the new king of the toplane. The patch 13.1 it felt very good God of the Forge and that was noticed in his winning percentage. However, some players noticed that this champion’s power was too high and began to investigate what was going on. Well, the answer has already arrived: It was about a bug that greatly helped this character.

Thanks to your Passive – Living Forge, Ornn gains bonus armor and magic resist from all sources. However, this bug caused this passive to amplify total health, armor, and magic resist, aside from that bonuses which it already gives you. For this reason, his winning percentage climbed to 54%something unusual for any character.

Ornn’s extraordinary power in patch 13.1 is the fault of a bug

Going into the game with Ornn is practically winning. at least with this bug in active. And it is that just by existing he is already receiving additional statistics that will end up taking its toll on all his rivals. For this reason, we have seen many players use Ornn as much as possiblesomething that we do not recommend knowing that you have a bug active and that Riot Games could punish you for taking advantage of it.

Riot Games would have already applied a small hot fix to fix this serious bug before it became a bigger problem. What is clear is that this type of failure can ruin the gaming experience for all users. We don’t know how these changes will affect the champion and if his win rate will look resentful or, consequently, Ornn will continue to completely dominate Summoner’s Rift.

For now, we are still waiting for the previous notes of the patch 13.2 that will arrive at the beginning of next week and that will bring very interesting changes, especially in favor of AD Carries.

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