Riot apologizes for new League of Legends cinematic

Riot Games apologizes for the new cinematic published through its account Youtube in which League of Legends shows one of its famous cinematics for which it has received so many good reviews in previous years. Well, apparently The new cinematic of League of Legends has not liked the community that he has not hesitated to let Riot itself know.

While previous company videos served to see several champions being the protagonists of the video, this time, the protagonist is the summoner’s rift map, an iconic map of the game, accompanied by a voiceover. As expected, the difference of this video with those of previous years became evident and the community has not missed the opportunity to let them know Riot Gameswho has had to come out to apologize.

Riot apologizes for new League of Legends cinematic

Many users accuse Riot Games of abandoning the game and investing less and less effort in continuing with the MOBA that has generated so many benefits for them. After this cascade of negative reviews Riot has had no choice but to come to the fore and make a public announcement with your apologies and reassuring the community about Riot’s investment of time and money with League of Legends.

From Riot they continue to comment that the game has a bright future ahead of it and that there is not a single point that would lead Riot Games to abandon League of Legends. They have also said that they plan to show more details about what the company’s investment in the game looks like in the coming daysso we will be attentive to what they have planned to show us from Riot to reassure a community that after this video is not very happy with the situation of their favorite game.

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