Sergio Ferra signs for KOI as content creator

Sergio Ferra signs for KOI

Bombita in the scene of VALORANT in Spain, koi It is done with another figure for its department of content creators. Sergio Ferra becomes new VALORANT content creator and commentator for KOI. The former caster of the Professional Video Game League (LVP) token by koi and increases the arrival of the Ibai team in all sectors. In a simple video, KOI presents Sergio Ferra like its new streamer and commentator. Sergio will be accompanying Ibai in the watch parties of KOI in the VCT: EMEA 2023.

One more big name joins the purple tide of KOIs. At this rate, Ibai will take over each of the big names on the scene, especially League of Legends Y VALORANT. When it seemed that he did not have big announcements reserved, KOI makes the arrival of Sergio Ferra official as your content creator. The well-known caster leaves the LVP and he puts on the KOI shirt to take his matches to all screens. Sergio becomes the second caster from LVP to leave the set and migrate to KOI. The first was David Carbó «Skain«, who was recently announced.

Sergio closes his stage in the LVP after two years of pure casting. the charismatic caster Spaniard left incredible moments with Ulises, Emma Y uriamong others. Sergio covered for the official Spanish transmission all the international competitions of the VCT: 2021 Y 2022including the world championships of each year.

With the arrival of Sergio Ferrathe watch party of KOI for the VCT: EMEA 2023 promises and too much. We could already see Sergio beside Ibai on the kings league, so we’ve discovered a great match in the microphones. Now him caster Spanish joins Ibai’s team and with him they will spend the KOI matches in the highest European division of VALORANT. Also, Sergio Ferra will continue to give his streams together with his community but now as a KOI content creator. Surely we will see Sergio much more together with Ibai or others streamers of KOI in some of the many events that the giant streamer Spanish has planned.

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