Sergio Ferra signs for KOI for the creation of content and casting of Valorant

The creation of content Valorant in koi go up whole with the signing of Sergio Ferra. The ex of the LVP ends up in the club of Ibai Plains Y Gerard Piqué as visible face of shooter from Riot Games. He will create content and cast in the most likely, although unofficial, VTC co-streaming.

frenzy, as was known some time ago, is one of the most talented casters on the Spanish scene. His voice has been heard in the competitions of the shooter most popular and in world soccer. He made himself known in the LVP narrating the best times of Call of Duty. He teamed up with other greats like Oriol ‘Uri’ Ruiz, angel quintana, Axel Martinez Y Joan Prieto.

When Activision decided to destroy the competitive CoD by creating its franchised league, Ferra has specialized in other esports. He did not abandon shooter and narrated Counter-StrikeHe also became one of the popular faces of the eLaLiga Santander and, therefore, of the scene of FIFA and soccer.

Football fans can listen to Sergio Ferra in his role as narrator of football matches. The league. Real football, we talk. And for a few weeks we have also listened to him on the kings leaguethe league sensation of today.

However, KOI does not arrive to narrate CoD —sadly— nor CSGO. Ferra will create Valorant content, a shooter in which he has specialized in recent times and much of his work in the LVP. The koi bet Because of Riot’s game it is huge and they have their participation in the franchised league ahead of them that will start in the coming weeks.

It does not close the door to do more for KOI. The fifa section It has also been released recently and having an expert caster is a plus that they surely want to exploit in the future.

Ibai also ensures a versatile narrator. The streamer Vasco has multiple projects and Ferra could be with him in many of them. The world of balloons would be an example, but also another possible madness such as going back to broadcast football on your channel. We wish Sergio Ferra good luck in his new professional adventure.

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