Shadow has all the ballots to see a rework in Overwatch 2, and Blizzard throws clues as to when it will arrive

Overwatch 2 still has a long way to go, and while there are plenty of heroes that seem to be running like clockwork, others are having issues or creating more headaches than they can afford. In this case, a heroine who has been around these parts for a while and that Blizzard will modify looking ahead is Shadeeven though You already know when not to present it in society.

Although the team’s future plans involve completely changing Brigitte, the Mexican heroine also seems to be in the crosshairs of Alec Dawsondirector of character design on Overwatch 2, for a possible rework the last December. The character caused some problems during the first weeks with many calling her “broken”, something that would have permeated Dawson’s team for a possible restructuring of your skills.

Although Sombra seems to be a fairly balanced character with abilities that can hardly be changed, the Blizzard team has certain ideas of a substantial change on on the table. Of course, just like when we learned about the future changes of Torbjörn’s daughter, for the moment, the team is waiting to discern if these changes are worth it.

It should be noted that we echoed those first intentions to modify Brigitte as an assumption, and in the end they became reality. For this reason, many players are assuming that these changes will come to Sombra in the future. But, when? The truth is that Dawson is already clear when not to do them, and it is in Season 3.

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If we pay attention to his words, the creator would have set the Season 4 like the period earlier to make it public in case a conclusion is reached that satisfies the community and the team. Be that as it may, we know little or nothing about Season 3 beyond the fact that its start will coincide with the first days of February of this year.

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