ShahZaM reveals being tricked by Sentinels

ShahZaM Sentinels controversy

Shortly after starting the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023, a controversy takes all the eyes of the North American sector. The protagonist of this has been Shahzeb Khan «ShahZaM” who revealed the great deception he suffered from Sentinels. Following a funny tweet from Sentinels, ShahZaMnow G2’s IGL, used the premise of the video to reveal a fact from the past. ShahZaM ensures that Sentinels had promised him a position in the VCT franchises in exchange for playing the games at the end of 2022 with Shroud in the team. Under the phrase “do it to create hype, win or lose«, Sentinels I had asked him please to the American captain who did this for the image of the team. In exchange for this favor, ShahZaM would keep his position as IGL in the team for the VCT America 2023, part of the deal that Sentinels did not comply.

without any dilemma, ShahZaM He caught the attention of the entire community with these sayings. The messages of rejection of Sentinels and of support for ShahZaM were not long in coming. Nor did the response from the CEO of the organization. Rob MooreCEO of Sentinels, recriminated the American IGL that its behavior was like if he wanted to be part of Sentinels, when for much of 2022 it was ShahZaM himself who wanted to leave the team. The community did what it does best and sat back and watched as the controversy took shape with the emergence of new details.

ShahZaM: “Sentinels promised me a franchise position for playing with Shroud on the team”

Faced with this accusation, Rob Moore He was in charge of trying to control the situation in the comments. The controversial favor that ShahZaM speaks of seems to be what has sparked the most anger from the community. The now G2 player had received a request from the Sentinels superiors for him to will include Shroud in the team. Shroud Joining the team in July 2022, the former CS:GO player and streamer was taking his first step into VALORANT, attracting new fans to the organization. Although Shroud was not a pest to the team, Sentinels addressed the qualifiers of last chance to reach VCT: Champions. After missing all other competitions, this was the last chance to play an international tournament in 2022. ShahZaM accuses the CEO of asking him to play Shroud regardless of what happens to the result.

To little surprise, the Sentinels team ended up being left out and losing their chance to play the VALORANT World Cup. The team went through the failure of the qualifier just like the rest of their year, so there were no surprises. It was not until this Friday that ShahZaM revealed what happened back then. The IGL recriminates the CEO and the team to have failed in his promiseleaving him out of the team despite the fact that he complied with the requested favor.

Today ShahZaM It is part of G2 Esports and will dispute the VCT: challengers of America in search of reaching the promotion to franchises in 2024. The last thing that remained in the controversy was the response of the CEO of Sentinels, who does not deny having broken his word with ShahZaM. This gives the veracity to the accusation of the American player. Also confirming that Sentinels preferred to increase the image of him by placing Shroud on the team. This above a best result and even a possible classification to the VCT: Champions 2022. This surely with the aim of being one of the teams to take into account in the selection of Riot Games for the VCT franchises.

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