ShahZaM’s stick to Sentinels after playing with Shroud

The season hasn’t started yet. VALORANT and the first controversy has already appeared. In this case it is not a ‘pique’ between two teams, but between an organization and one of its former players. Shahzeb «ShahZaM» Khan has answered a tweet of Sentinels that has unleashed controversy in the community of the shooter. Current G2 Esports player accuses organization of being forced to play Shroud in its previous stage in exchange for a “favor”. As he CEO of the team and the player have had a public conversation on social networks.

The VCT It has another interesting ‘salseo’ and the official competition has not yet begun. Sentinels shared a video on their account Twitter joking about last season in which a roulette wheel with different actions takes center stage. ShahZaM, a former player of the team, wanted to participate in this fun game, but with a response and accusations that no one expected. «Once I spun the wheel and it touched: please play with Shroud, we don’t care if you win, just do it. We guarantee you a place in the franchise if you do it ”, has published the American.

With this comment, the current G2 Esports player accuses his former team of forcing him to play with Shroud regardless of the sports results. The Canadian debuted this summer with Sentinels becoming one of the most anticipated moments due to its importance in the community of shooter. However, according to these latest statements, the decision seems to have been more a strategy of marketing than a sports bet, something that was already thought of at the time.

Rob Moore’s response to ShahZaM

ShahZaM’s statements have not been liked very much by Rob Moore, CEO of Sentinels, tense relationship that already comes from afar. “It’s strange that since you left everything you say is like you want to be on the team. When throughout 2022 you behaved as if you did not want to be here, “replies Moore. The Canadian once again insisted on that “favor” that he promised him, giving him a place in the franchises, but Rob Moore once again denied these accusations.

After G2 Esports was left out of the franchises, the team will have to reach the VCT Americas from the qualifiers, pSo a showdown between ShahZaM and Sentinels will have to waitat least, until 2024. One year in the esports It’s a long time, but if this relationship remains as tense, an interesting match can develop.

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